Face Care Ultrasonic Ionic & Photonic - Anti Wrinkles Fine lines Acne blemish Sensitive Skin LED Technology By Haleness pro !

Face Care Ultrasonic Ionic & Photonic By Haleness Pro !

12 Led Lamps Red Photon: Wave Length 625±3nm,Stimulating Generation Of Youth Collagen And Cell Activity.

12 Led Lamps Blue Photon: Wave Length 465±3nm,Preventing 
Acne Breakout By Killing Bacteria And Anti-Inflammation.

12 Led Lamps Green Photon: Wave Length 525±3nm,Soothing
And Relief Of Skin Redness And Irritations.
3mhz Ultrasonic Treatment Can Produce Even And Mild Sonic 
Waves.By Passing The Vibration Into Skin, It Can Detoxify Lymph
System-Improve Blood Circulation- And Promote Generation Of 
Youth Collagen Thus Has Visible Effects Against Wrinkles- Lines- 
Dull Complexion-Blemishes And More !

Name:3D rolling ball can spread your eye care essence 

Item:002-Haleness Pro (with LCD screen)

Ultrasound Head Diameter:25MM

Output Level:Low, Middle, High

Power: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Capacity of lithium battery:1,100mA

Switch: ON/OFF

Timer Setting:Automatic Shut Off after 10 Minutes


Material of massage probe: Stainless Steel

Material of device body: ABS

Able to be costomized: Yes

Targeted Skin Concerns: Wrinkles-Fine lines-Acne & blemish-Sensitive skin