IPS Beauty Care Cleansing Complex Device Acne & Blemish- Dull Complexion- Sensitive Skin By Haleness Pro !

Acne & Blemish- Dull Complexion- Sensitive Skin Face Cleanse & Beauty Care By Haleness Pro !

+Ionic Conducting Can Extract Dust And Dirty 
Things Out Of Skin For Deep Cleansing.

By Pushing Nutrition Deep Into Skin,Ionic 
Conducting Can Enhance Results Of Your 
Skincare Products To The Best Meanwhile
Improve Metabolism And Cell Activities.
Blue Photon: Wave Length 465±3nm, 
Preventing Acne Breakout By Killing 
Bacteria And Anti-Inflammation.
Red Photon: Wave Length 625±3nm, 
Stimulating Generation Of Youth Collagen 
And Cell Activity. Its Mild Wave Length 
Can Also Be Applied On Sensitive Skins 
Without Bringing Irritations.
3m Hz Ultrasonic Treatment Can Detoxify
Lymph System, Improve Blood Circulation 
Thus Has Visible Effects In Brightening Dull Complexion.

Name:Haleness Pro IPS Beauty Care Cleansing Complex

Item:ZHF-007 Halenesspro

Ultrasound Head Diameter:25MM

Output Level:Low, Middle, High

Power: 100-240V 50/60Hz

Capacity of lithium battery:1,100mA

Switch: ON/OFF

Timer Setting:Automatic Shut Off after 10 Minutes


Material of massage probe: Stainless Steel

Material of device body: ABS

Able to be costomized: Yes

Targeted Skin Concerns: Acne & blemish, Dull Complexion, Sensitive skin

Please Use Area: Face,T area , Forehead , Acne Area

Device Use Under Skin-