Slimming Beautifying 6 In 1 Stubborn Fat Cellulite Stretch Marks Saggy Skin By Haleness Pro !

LED Ultrasonic Wave Massage Probe 6 In 1 Slimming Fat burn Machine !

1m Hz Ultrasonic Therapy Can Tighten And Lift Skin While Speed Up
Blood Circulation And Metabolism.

- Ionic Conducting Can Conduct Nutrition Deep Into Skin To Enhance
Its Results.
+Ionic Conducting Can Extract Dust And Dirty Things Out Of Skin For
Deep Cleansing.

Red Photon: Wave Length 625±3nm, Stimulating Generation Of Youth
Collagen And Cell Activity. 

Blue Photon: Wave Length 465±3nm, Preventing Acne Breakout By 
Killing Bacteria And Anti-Inflammation.
Tens/Ems Massage Can Vibrate Muscle To Burn The Stubborn Fat 
Away And Meanwhile Helps In Metabolism Improvement And Lymph 

Name:Intense pulsed light skin and body care beauty By Haleness Pro

Item:ZHF-001 Gold

Ultrasound Head Diameter:57mm

Output Level:DC15V,800mA

Power: Non-rechargeable

Capacity of lithium battery:0

Switch: ON/OFF

Timer Setting:Automatic Shut Off after 10 Minutes


Material of massage probe: Stainless Steel

Material of device body: ABS

Able to be costomized: Yes

Targeted Skin Concerns: Stubborn fat,Cellulite,Stretch marks,Saggy skin